What is split solar street light ?

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What is split solar street light ?


With the rapid development of new energy sources, solar street lights are becoming increasingly popular in households and engineering projects due to their energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, flexible installation, and ease of maintenance compared to grid-connected street lights. The two main forms of solar street lights are: split-type and all-in-one street lights.

Split-type solar street light

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split-type solar street light is a form of solar lighting system where the key components are separated and installed individually. Unlike all-in-one or integrated solar street lights where the solar panel, battery, light source, and controller are housed in a single unit, in a split-type system, these components are distinct and can be installed in different locations.


Components of Split-Type Solar Street Light:


Solar Panel: Installed typically on a pole or a nearby structure, it captures sunlight and converts it into electrical energy.

Light Fixture: Equipped with LEDs, this is often mounted on a pole.

Battery: Stores the solar energy,  installed at the base of the pole or underground before time , installed under the solar panel now.

Charge Controller: Regulates the charging of the battery to prevent overcharging or over-discharging.

Pole: Supports the light fixture and sometimes the solar panel.


Flexibility in Installation: Since the components are separate, the solar panel can be placed in the most sunlight-exposed area, while the light can be located where it's needed most.

 Higher Capacity: They can support larger solar panels and batteries, making them suitable for higher wattage requirements and longer backup time.

Ease of Maintenance: Each component can be individually maintained, repaired, or replaced without affecting the other parts.

 Better Performance in Shaded Areas: The solar panel can be placed at a distance from the light fixture, which is advantageous in areas where the light fixture might be in a shaded location.



Higher Installation Cost: Split-type systems may have higher installation costs due to additional wiring and mounting requirements for separate components.

Complex Installation: Installation is more complex and time-consuming compared to integrated systems.

Aesthetic Concerns: With more visible components, split-type solar street lights may not be as sleek or aesthetically pleasing as integrated ones.

Risk of Theft or Vandalism: Separate components may be more prone to theft or vandalism, especially in remote or unsecured areas.


Overall, split-type solar street lights offer flexibility and higher capacity, making them suitable for a variety of applications, but they come with increased complexity and potential costs.Their suitability often depends on the specific requirements and conditions of the installation site.

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