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1. Street lamp classification

There are many kinds of street lamps. According to the light source, they can be divided into LED lamp, electrodeless lamp, energy-saving lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc. according to the occasion, they can be divided into ordinary street lamp, high pole street lamp, courtyard street lamp, landscape street lamp, etc. others can also be divided into single arm street lamp, double arm street lamp, combined street lamp, solar energy street lamp, etc. 

2. Street light source

There are led lights, electrodeless lights, ordinary energy-saving lights, high-pressure sodium lights, metal halide lights and so on. Which light source is better? The cost of metal halide lamp and ordinary energy-saving lamp is not high, the service life is long, and the maintenance is convenient, but the power consumption of this kind of street lamp light source is relatively high, so it is not recommended to choose it; although the high-pressure sodium lamp has good fog permeability, it is a kind of street lamp light source commonly used before, but its service life and energy-saving are relatively poor, so it is not recommended to choose high-pressure sodium lamp for street lamp light source; the electrodeless lamp is also a kind of energy-saving lamp, and its theoretical service life is quite good Long, but the cost is high, the maintenance is not easy, this kind of light source is also not recommended to choose; street lamp LED light source is the most used light source in recent years, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, convenient maintenance, and low price, and many countries and regions are vigorously promoting led, street lamp light source selection recommended led, LED street lamp is the first choice for road lighting.

3. Street lamp interval

The spacing of street lamps is also the spacing of street lamps, which is determined by the lighting power, height and width of street lamps. The distance between street lamps is generally 3.8-4 times of the height of the lamp pole. The longitudinal spacing of street lamps and lanterns is generally 30m-50m, and when there are power line poles or other poles, the spacing is 40m-50m. Try to combine the power supply pole and lighting pole to save investment. If underground cable is used for power supply, the spacing should be small, which is conducive to the uniformity of illumination. The spacing is usually 30-40 meters. 

4. Height of street light

The height of street light (the height of street lamp pole) generally has 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters, etc. the specific use of the height of street lamp shall be based on the width of the road surface. If the lamp is arranged on one side, the height of street lamp shall be the same as the width of the road surface, or the height of street lamp shall be less than 1 meter of the width of the road surface. The relationship between the power of common LED street lamp and the height of lamp pole is generally as follows: the height of 30-60w street lamp is less than 6m, the height of 60-100w street lamp is less than 8m, and the height of 100-150w street lamp is less than 10m.

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